Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup is a makeup technique where we "tattoo" a pigment under the skin. This makes lips and brows look fuller and makes you feel better. When you look beautiful, you FEEL beautiful....which raises your vibration.

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Microblading is a semi permanent makeup procedure. Typical microblading procedure involves shaping the brow to the desired look, outlining it, numbing agent applied, and microblading the "hair-like" strokes into the skin. Then the micro-blade cuts into the first layer of the epidermis and after pigment is applied, gives the appearance of a hair stroke. Microblading isn't ideal for everyone and lasts anywhere from 9 months to 18 months in between touch up procedures. Contact us for more information on contraindications for Microblading.

*Includes mandatory 6-8 week touchup

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Owner of Soak Wellness Spa in Montrose, Colorado. Crystal started her career in the beauty industry 20 years ago, specializing currently in permanent makeup (powder brows and lash line enhancement) for the past 7 years. She takes joy in helping folks all over look, and feel beautiful by waking up with Makeup! She is going on her 5th year in recovery from drugs and alcohol, and she has found her passion in helping others maintain a balanced lifestyle focused on reducing stress and triggers. She is very passionate about wellness of all types and coaches breathwork techniques at Soak. Crystal is focused on ensuring that Soak offers clients many stress reducing outlets and a place for folks to come and relax, reset, and renew their mind, body and spirit!