Cold Plunge

Soak Wellness now offers Cold Plunge therapy, coupled with the Infrared Sauna, you can create a contrast therapy experience. This exercise should be paired with meditative practices and breathwork.

Repetition with a cold plunge tank will steady the mind and help the body recover. Inflammation is a natural component of exercise, training, and recovery. But if you overdo it, excess inflammation can lead to an overuse injury. Cryotherapy can help stop that process in its tracks. Come push your limits in Montrose, Colorado.

Instructions for Cold Plunge

  • Arrive 15 minutes early, fill out waiver if it's your first time
  • Shower before entering the Cold Plunge, unless freshly showered & clean previous to coming to Soak.
  • Take a break on the chair or lay down on a provided yoga mat. Be conscious of your breath & try to fully connect with it and become aware of your body.
  • Step into the Cold Plunge & slide down so your shoulders are below the surface. Find your breath, and try to practice deep breathing calmly for 2-3 minutes (ideally).
  • Slowly get out of the Cold Plunge. Once out of the Cold Plunge, do NOT dry off or cross your arms. Stand in a power pose (fists on hips, head up, shoulders back, back straight) or practice Tai Chi movements. Both options help to circulate blood flow and warm the body slowly.

* There should not be more than 2-3 sets of contrast during your timed session.

Tips to get the most out of your Cold Plunge

  • Before every session - set your intention
  • Drink lots of water before and after your session
  • Aim for an ice bath time of around 2-3 minutes (10 minute max)
  • Work towards getting your breath to 5 - 8 breaths per minute during your Cold Plunge session
  • A fresh set of comfy clothes can be nice to have after your session
  • Bring a journal to record any insights, clarity, or impressions after your experience
  • You may use the "quiet space" area at Soak in the back for as long as you'd like after your session


- Unlimited Cold Plunge Visits
- $15 Buddy Pass (1 Per Visit)
- $50 Discount Off Private Group Sessions
(4-6 People)