Float Therapy

Float Therapy


30 Minute Session | $40

Step into our sensory deprivation float tanks for a moment of recovery - pain relief, total relaxation, and better sleep.


60 Minute Session | $50

Take an hour-long float in order to step into deeper recovery and meditative rest.


90 Minute Session | $80

Totally immerse yourself in float therapy. Relax, recover and unwind in our sensory deprivation tanks.


Fire & Ice (Infrared and Cold Plunge)

Single Session (60 minutes) $60
5 Pack $150
10 Pack $350

Tips to get the most out of your Float Therapy

  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Avoid or minimize caffeine intake
  • Don't shave or wax within 24 hours before your float
  • If you have contacts, bring a case to put them in during your float
  • A fresh set of comfy clothes can be nice to have after your session
  • Bring a journal to record any insights, clarity, or impressions after your experience

Our Float Therapy Memberships

Join others in the Montrose, Colorado community who have taken their recovery into their own hands and add a Soak Wellness membership to your "Recovery Toolbox".

  • 1 Float per month may be shared with whomever you choose. ** Excludes the Quick Dip Membership **
  • 30 days notice for cancellation required.