Energy Therapy

A person's own strength and vigor are used to use energy therapy to treat ill health. Energy Therapy uses non-tangible methods, but the results are very tangible. Couple energy therapy with float therapy for a boost to your every day right here in Montrose, Colorado.

Our bodies are made up of energy, which constantly flows within and around us. Smart structures are always arranged in a way that is accurately related to each other and everything is always moving very fast.

Our Team



Meet Lexi! She is trained in Emotion Code and Reiki. She is an avid float therapy enthusiast who also provides help at the front for Soak. She is also a Licensed Esthetician who offers wonderful and relaxing facials.



Meet Stephanie! She has worked in healthcare for over 20 years, and now uses a holistic approach to healing and health through energy, water and sound.

Cyn Harlow

Shaylaya Dreamchild


Hi! My name is Shaylayla Dreamchild. I am a Reiki master, empath, intuitive and lightworker. My purpose in this life is to assist others in healing and their spiritual growth. I just moved to Montrose from the front range and am excited to be a part of Soak Wellness Spa! I love 4wheeling, hiking and soaking in the local area hot springs.